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News or Views?                             This week.......09 25 2011
What will happen to America if the
President supports the UN and
allows the dividing of Jerusalem?

Can a candidate win the white house
who will stand up for God's
standards of right and wrong?

What does 'premeditated'
  murder mean to you?

Do you know the History of the
Institution of Marriage?

                                        Support for the Nation Israel   

               "…for he who touches you (Israel) touches the apple of His (God) eye."
                                                                                                           Zechariah 2:8b
    In view of the recent events at the UN, we have again kept this article posted.  This is just another in the unfolding of God's promises on the world as all nations gather to reject Israel.  If one cannot see the hand of God on current events, then where is your hope?  Will you continue to look toward government, science, education, your wealth, your possessions or even the media for protection?  There is no hiding from the mighty hand of God.  Please turn your heart toward Him, today.

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Currently there are many Jewish members in Congress from both the House and Senate. I have not heard one word of rebuke to President Obama, from any of them. The President wants Israel to give back all the lands they won dating back to 1967. The idea of Israel returning land they won while defending themselves against their enemies is ridiculous, and yet Israel, through the years, has voluntarily returned portions in exchange for the promise of peace, while maintaining other areas as hedges of protection for their nation of people. Rockets still fly over into Israel killing and wounding thousands of Jews each year. The war of hate against the Jewish people hasn't stopped.  Where is the loud voice of condemnation toward Israel's enemies?

Our Jewish elected officials should all be untied with one voice and tell the President that he is wrong and that American support for Israel is vital. It is morally correct, Biblically correct, and important for the safety and future of the Jewish people both in Israel and around the world. For our President to make such a statement 'projects the image' and implies that He, His administration, and the American people no longer support Israel. This is not true. Shame on him! This has a familiar parallel to the book of Ester.

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