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What will happen to America if the
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Do you know the History of the
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            America can't handle the truth                 

When I looked back over the year 2011,  I wanted to observe the progress we made in changing America for the better.  I wanted to see if the hearts of Americans grew slightly warmer toward the LORD.  I wanted to see if believers in the LORD JESUS were more aggressive in witnessing.  I wanted to see if we had legal victories over our enemy and passed some righteous laws to counter the hundreds of evil laws that have been passed through illegally by judges legislating from their bench.  I wanted to be positive and considered that since America is so large, that perhaps more good happened over the evil that is so promoted in our trash mainstream media. 

I was wrong. Instead, I discovered a colder America. Legal action continues in our courts to remove God from every part of America. Seniors, who you would think would fight to stop these actions, are nowhere to be found.  Health issues and the cost to stay alive comes at a price and getting involved in what seems to be a political issue, is not in their best interest any longer. Our children who have completed college have already been indoctrinated that capitalism is evil, our country is evil, and that the only solution is socialism, which they view as a fair way for everyone to have a piece of the pie. I'm not sure what they have learned in school but if you do a brief study of history it is easy to note that socialism never worked and lead to slavery and dictatorships.

The more that we avoid, deny, or distance our nation from honoring the God who blessed us and made us a great nation, the more we will die from within. Observe how we are without a solution to our economic problems.  We have violated God's way even on economics and we cannot seem to get our way out. The only solution proposed is to borrow more money while we hope that we will produce more jobs. God says that the borrower is servant to the lender. Why should our government keep borrowing more and more money we do not have and are unable to pay back? The truth is that until we humble ourselves and ask the LORD to forgive us and help us, the deeper in debt we will be by our own making.

Economically we need to buy American and funnel our spending dollars back into our nation and not overseas.  God directed Israel not to borrow from the nations.  They could lend to them but not borrow.  America became rich because we sold to other nations and brought their wealth into our country.  In the last 70 years, because of greed, having become spoiled, ungrateful, lazy and worse of all godless, our wealth has been spent in other countries.  Oil and the need for energy have drained our nation of all its wealth.  Our greed for energy and technology is slowly destroying us.  Even our household items are manufactured in other countries. There are few young Americans who work with their hands yet there are many who are capable but are not trained for a job.  When there are no places to work and you have a hand skill, what good is it?

It all comes down to our government, and that dirty word, politics.  Believers don't want to be involved in that word 'politics' for one reason or another.  Perhaps it's too unholy or that there has been too much wrong teaching of scripture that believers need to be separated from politics.  Whatever the reason, because there are few righteous in government, what can you expect of our government?  Now when someone mentions the LORD you are considered an enemy of America and one who will turn back the supposed advancements made in the past decades.  Advancements such as the legal premeditated murder of unborn babies, the justifiable right to curse the God of Israel but not the gods of religions, the right to teach the lie of evolution while not granting the God of Creation His right to defend Himself, and the list goes on including such items as same sex marriage made legal by judges and legislation rather than by the voice and vote of the people.
If you read this and find it boring, repetitive, or a violation of your personal views then you are an example of what this article is all about. Certainly you are entitled to your own opinion, and so am I and everyone else in America.  The issue here is truth, not opinions. What does God say about the behavior of Americans?  What does God give us for advice regarding human behavior, economics, marriage, etc.?  Does His word mean anything to anyone today?

This week all over America there will be memorials honoring the deaths of those we call celebrities, public officials, and other familiar public figures.  They call it the "Passing". The truth is they died and while we consider their contributions to our lives, where have their soul gone?  It was their bodies that died and are buried, but the real person they are, their breath of life spirit that God created, where did they go?  There is a heaven and a lake of fire.  Whether we believe in Scripture or not, whether we believe that God exists or not, and whether we believe that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and the only way to God's heaven will not change these truths to lies.  They will not change our responsibility to address this truth before we die. 

Have you considered your destiny after you die?  This is the time to do so.  The reason for this and so many web sites that honor the LORD are to inform you of God's loving hand reaching out to all humanity waiting for those who will believe to come to Him.  You must come to HIM on HIS terms, not yours.  God's ways are easy and His gift of salvation is free.  There is no pain but our own pride.  There are no hidden costs or catches.  Jesus died for you and me.  It took me a while to believe this message was true, but when I did and put my 'know it all pride' to the side, and asked Jesus to save me, He came into my life and changed me forever.  He will do the same for you right now.  You need to ask Him, honestly,  for forgiveness of your sin and to save you.  If you ask, trusting, you will be saved.  This offer is for Jews and non Jews (gentiles) for God has created us all and will give to any who ask, believing. (that is the key wordů'believing', 'trusting')  May the LORD bless you now with salvation and may you share with others in this coming year, 2012.

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